Thursday, February 7, 2008

Big Snow

We've had a bunch of "winter snow warnings" this winter, with not that much snow coming from the storms. That is, until last night.

We got dumped on. There's about a foot of snow in our yard. I used the snow blower last night, knowing I'd have to do it again today, but with the thought the work would only be half as bad today. Even so, it was hard work today.

Here's a pic of the snow falling last night....

You can see the about three inches of snow on the truck. This had all fallen since I had returned home from work three hours earlier. Yes, three inches in three hours. And it just kept falling until midnight.

This is what I found on the truck this morning...

Here's the good news.
While plowing the snow off the road, the muther-f'ing road commission plowed my mailbox. Every frickin' year I have to fix that muther-f'ing mailbox 'cause some dumb-ass has to hit it. Can you tell I'm pissed? Quite a poker face I have, huh?

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