Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Moving forward (part 2)

So, after a few weeks working at the college, I was driving home, looking around, enjoying the view, when it hit me...

I was relaxed on the drive home from work. RELAXED! AFTER WORK!!! It's almost unheard of!

I walk all over campus, albeit a relatively small campus. And the excersize is nice. I lost eight pounds in the first month and a half. Well, I found them again over Christmas break.

Oh, and Christmas break. The first Chrismas break I've had in twenty years. And I got paid for it, without using any vacation days! I love working at a college.

Sometimes, however, I do miss the run-and-gun of the newsroom. The rush of adrenline that comes with spot news. One day, I heard a bunch of sirens screaming down the road in front of the house (we rarely get emergency vehicles around our house), and the old news photog in my wanted to rush out the door to find out what was going on. I'm guessing I'll have a bit of that feeling for years.

I'm happy to have left tv news. I'm more relaxed. I'm better to be around. Diane and Drew have noticed the difference. I didn't realize how hard I was to be around until I left tv news.

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